Natural Edmond Mosquito Control

Our natural tick and mosquito control services are safe for your family and pets. Clean Air Mosquito Control services residential and small businesses in Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, The Village and other Northern OKC areas. Our mosquito and tick control products are not just effective; they’re safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

Why Choose Natural Mosquito Control?

Many of the chemicals used in conventional pest control are harmful to humans (especially children), pets, and pollinators. These highly toxic chemicals can cause a lot of different problems, from skin burns to cancer and other illnesses.

Pests are resilient. Bugs and insects are extremely adept at adapting to whatever we throw at them. Over time, traditional chemicals used to control ticks, mosquitos and other pests are less effective. this is because the bugs that survive the treatments develop a resistance to them. Eventually, conventional treatments become less effective, yet still carry the same dangers to us.

Natural pest control is better for the environment, the ecosystem, and for endangered pollinators like honey bees. They’re also better for the people who live and work around these areas.


Our Methods

With our formulation of natural garlic and cedarwood oil, we not only get rid of and repel ticks and mosquitos, we keep a number of other bugs, insects and animals away from your home. Garlic can also keep rabbits and slugs out of your garden to keep your veggies growing strong. The cedarwood oil in our products act as a natural repellent for cockroaches, termites, beetles, fleas, silverfish, flies, moths and ants. Bugs don’t adapt to these natural oils, they are naturally repulsed and stay away.

Get more information about the dangers of tick and mosquitos or want more information about our natural mosquito control.